We have the distinct privilege of having a very professional and committed staff. All of our teachers have 4 year degrees in education and most of our teacher’s aides do, as well. The combined experience, creativity, and genuine love for children provides for a very sought-after team of dedicated staff. Each one truly feels called to the program, families, and fellow educators at Harmony School.

Featured Staff Member: Cathy Cinkel

Mrs. Cinkel (aka: Cinkel-Cinkel, Mrs. Twinkle, Mrs. Sparkle . . .) joined our team in 1985 when we had just been operating as preschool for about 5 years! Her expertise and creativity was instrumental to the creation of our 3’s program and has continued to fuel the impressive development of this very successful beginning for many young children.

Cathy grew up in Englewood, Colorado and remembers riding the bus with her Grandma downtown Denver to shop and have tea in the Tea Room at the Denver Dry Goods department store. After high school she moved to Santa Barbara, California to attend Westmont College where she received a BA and teaching credential in Elementary Education. She and her husband, Rich, shared a deep commitment to children and education. They also loved traveling and began their interest in collecting antiques. Cathy taught 1st grade in California for several years until their first child came along. After the birth of their 2nd child, Rich and Cathy moved back to Colorado, added another child to their family, built a home all while Rich completed his Phd at CSU!

Cathy’s family has gone through growing pains typical to most families and they now enjoy the benefits of seeing their children get through college, two are married, and the bonus of a grandchild! Preschool families who have seen their child through the 3 year old program feel that Cathy is now part of their own family – she’s been invited to sleepovers, birthday parties, and high school graduations!

Cathy brings 110% to her classroom each and every day. She has such a unique ability to communicate big content to little people. Within the first few days of school, children in her classes experience that extraordinary love and attention that she generously showers on each child making them eager for each “preschool day”.

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