Patty T.

I want to once again thank you for your loving, and thoughtful guidance while my children were enrolled at your pre-school. You have no idea just how important a role you played in the raising of Cole, Casey and Sam. Your Mom’s Support Group/Bible Study played a critical role in defining the boundaries and benchmarks that I used in disciplining and nurturing my children for many years. Given that I was the oldest in my family with no older siblings to look toward and parents who were basically unavailable, I can honestly say that I really don’t know what kind of a parent I would have been without your wisdom, love and support during those years. The interesting thing about it is that I was even MORE thankful for that training once they hit their teenage years – and I don’t think I really saw that coming!

I don’t know how to adequately thank you for all the selfless hours you invested in each and every child and Mother who entered your doors – but I do know that every single one of us was touched by your grace and gently shaped into better people. God truly works through you Kathy and I feel honored to have felt your love. When I think of the women in my life who’ve influenced me and helped define my values, you are among the very top tier and I do mean that with all sincerity. THANK YOU.

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